Saturday, July 14, 2012

Can we all get along?

     It continues to be an uneasy truce between myself (Tiger Lily, the long-time cat of the inn) and Michelin, the newcomer. I ran across this video

which shows some great fun between a young barn owl and a young black cat.  I'll grant you it is so nice they get along delightfully. But, geez, look how that kitten wants to rub on the owl!  Michelin tries that, too. He isn't getting anywhere with ME!!    

Here's what I like to do at the inn...relax ( or pass out in my catnip pot!)

Below is what Michelin likes to do...

Sometimes I can live with just hanging around, putting our heads under the hosta bushes.
     The situation is this:  What sort of things do the two of you like to do together?  Our world of mountains and wide open space with forests has much to offer.... from a relaxing chair in the garden to very active hiking, biking, horse back riding, boating (and skiing in winter).  The Virginia Creeper Trail (biking or walking) is so beautiful this time of year-- just 17 miles from the inn.

The Innkeepers can tell you where the new hiking and walking trail is. They can direct you to scenic rides and farmer's markets.

Frankly, I don't know why I'm hanging around here messing with the hosta plants on the chance there is vole under there when there are so many great things to see and enjoy in the mountains near Mountain City, TN.

In conclusion, Give Peace a Chance, Play Nice with Your Neighbor and take the time to getaway to a bed and breakfast.  Reserve a room at the inn.

 Your Friend, Tiger Lily

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