Saturday, July 14, 2012

Can we all get along?

     It continues to be an uneasy truce between myself (Tiger Lily, the long-time cat of the inn) and Michelin, the newcomer. I ran across this video

which shows some great fun between a young barn owl and a young black cat.  I'll grant you it is so nice they get along delightfully. But, geez, look how that kitten wants to rub on the owl!  Michelin tries that, too. He isn't getting anywhere with ME!!    

Here's what I like to do at the inn...relax ( or pass out in my catnip pot!)

Below is what Michelin likes to do...

Sometimes I can live with just hanging around, putting our heads under the hosta bushes.
     The situation is this:  What sort of things do the two of you like to do together?  Our world of mountains and wide open space with forests has much to offer.... from a relaxing chair in the garden to very active hiking, biking, horse back riding, boating (and skiing in winter).  The Virginia Creeper Trail (biking or walking) is so beautiful this time of year-- just 17 miles from the inn.

The Innkeepers can tell you where the new hiking and walking trail is. They can direct you to scenic rides and farmer's markets.

Frankly, I don't know why I'm hanging around here messing with the hosta plants on the chance there is vole under there when there are so many great things to see and enjoy in the mountains near Mountain City, TN.

In conclusion, Give Peace a Chance, Play Nice with Your Neighbor and take the time to getaway to a bed and breakfast.  Reserve a room at the inn.

 Your Friend, Tiger Lily

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Are you boxed in?

Today started out busy and crazy and it hasn't gotten any easier as the day wears on. I'm sure you also have days like this:  Just too much on your plate.

Humans have a way of getting into this sort of pickle. With the job market the way it is, what other choice do you have but to slog away at your tasks until they are done?  Along the way, you look up and there is the truth:  You are boxed in.

Let me tell you, from a cat's point of view (that would be Tiger Lily telling the inn cat's viewpoint), being boxed in is not a bad thing. Here's what she has to say on the subject:

A cat's eye view is very different.  I believe in setting boundaries. I set boundaries with the other cat in my life and I set boundaries with inn guests (oh, yes, when I appear to be sleeping and letting you pet me I'm setting boundaries!).

My advice:  Live you life in a quiet place you choose when living outside is just too hard. In fact, FIND a box and crawl in. Allow yourself to rest and renew in this safe place. Don't answer the phone. Don't raise an eyebrow. Now THAT is a cat's way of dealing with stress.

If you don't believe I do this in MY life, take a look at my rest period in the inn's kitchen corner yesterday. (Oh, that rustling you heard is not ghosts--just ME in the bag, in the box with extra liquor bottle bags moving around a bit. Hey, a girl has to make herself comfortable!)

Anyway, if you don't happen to have a spare liquor box in your size at home, consider a short visit to a B&B inn.  Bed and Breakfasts pride themselves in creating a safe, quiet, nurturing environment, ideal for when the rat race  has gotten the best of you.  You really don't need a special occasion for this. Any day or two will do. Give it a try!

I'm around when guests check out. I assure you that the people leaving out of here have left their cares somewhere as they really look rested when they go home. I call that "the magic of the box and bag." I hope you get some in your life soon.

~Your friend and master of all things relaxing, Tiger Lily

Never as hot as where you are!!

While everywhere in the Southeast has been extra hot this spring and early summer, we are still cooler in Mountain city than where you are!
As a cat, you'd think I would get tired of lounging under the hosta leaves on the patio. Not so. It's great. Some days have had 40% humidity which makes even an 85-degree day quite lovely. We've also had rains (sometimes some windy storms) spaced out just enough to keep things growing beautifully. The innkeeper took this photo of the Wedding/Inn Garden as the morning fog starts to burn off.

Let me also add that I can't be responsible (what cat is???) for the crows and all that recent nastiness in the parking lot.  [Ed. note: the crows did NOT like Michelin, the young cat,  sitting under a tree near the parking lot, perhaps NEAR a baby crow. When we went under a car, all was good.]

From now until October there will be many interesting festivals in the High Country, many opportunities for hikes in the woods and many great nights' sleep in the inn's bed. but don't ask me! the innkeepers keep the room doors shut so I have to make do with sleeping next to the vacuum cleaner in the attic! Meow.

Now, for another relaxing nap.  I'm keeping an eye on you, Michelin!! (see photo of him on his back).

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

"Cougar" Romance at Prospect Hill

Winter has been a bit strange this year with snow off and on (mostly off) and odd spring-like days like today (nearly 60 degrees and sunny). I've had the opportunity to prowl the patio and enjoy the fresh mountain air.

Christmas is over and I've had to give up my perfectly wonderful resting area on the heat duct behind the Christmas tree. The Rotary Christmas tour was a success. (I slept through it). People were especially good about traveling this New Years; I found several real cat lovers among them. Now Martin Luther King holiday is fast approaching but people seem to be staying home. Could it be the lack of snow? Or could it be that they are saving their time for the Valentine's holiday ahead? If so, maybe I'll be seeing them at the inn next month!

Meanwhile, I must share this secret. I'm in love.....

Just about a year and a half ago a half grown classic tabby kitten showed up at the inn. They called him Michelin because of the tire stripe pattern down his back, rather than naming him Target since he has a bullseye on his side (per the classic patterns). I was not amused since I've been the ONLY cat since 2001. Call me a cougar, call me an old fool, but I'm beginning to like the youngster. Sure, I still take a swing at his head now and then. But let's face it, his food bowl tastes just as good as mine and on a sunny day like today I don't mind sharing the party room with him. (See photo).

Let me be clear. He's my first so he certainly is NOT going to get in any serious snuggling any time soon. I'm not that kind of girl.... I will leave that to the inn guests who are likely to enjoy it Linkduring February when the fireplaces glow, the candles on the whirlpool tub edges twinkle and the guest rooms feel all snug, safe and romantic. I think there will be a special treat for each guest staying at the inn, too.

One more thing: IF he wants to propose I'm up for it. He should check on the special packages the inn provides since I wouldn't mind finding the ring in a box of brownies (with tuna juice on the side, thank you very much!)

One more thing. Least you think I am not romantic.... there's photo proof I attend weddings. Just take a look at me as I leave the receiving line of Liz and Mike's wedding last summer. I am directly to the right of the sign. LINK

Monday, December 5, 2011

Light Up Mountain City

Rumor has is (you KNOW how cats deal in rumors) that the 20 donated Christmas trees are all up along West Main Street in Mountain City. Light Up Mountain City is a success thanks go our friend Aleta Higgins, of Tributary Restaurant.

I think today will be the test of just how well everyone tied their ornaments on. The wind--even here on the inn's patio where I've been enjoying fresh air--has been kicking up to at least 20 mph. (It sure can howl; glad I'm equipped with my own fur...)

All the "servants" here, plus the innkeepers, went downtown Friday to decorate the tree sponsored by Prospect Hill. I snagged a couple of photos for you. That's Kim, astonished that they did a "Vegas Tree" in honor of her upcoming honeymoon to Las Vegas after her wedding here at the inn. (Yes, I'm looking forward to it, even if I don't like little kids very much.... it's a cat-thang, you know!)

Meanwhile, back at the party room, I've had my choice of boxes for a week! There is nothing more wonderful in the world than a brand new box to crawl into. I've especially liked the big one left over from the artificial tree.

It appears The Innkeepers will eventually get all their decorations arranged around the house. They are keeping all the guest rooms shut so I have had a chance to see them. The 11-foot fresh tree is glorious and I've enjoyed sleeping on the heat duct right behind it. I've also added the "official" living room portrait photo which goes along with the Rotary Christmas House Tour publicity, this Saturday, Dec. 10, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Come find me and give me a pat if possible.

Keep smilin'
I'm dreaming of all those NEW boxes for cat napping coming in just a few weeks. If I don't have a chance to tell you:
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Tiger Lily.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Come Enjoy the Dec. 10 Rotary House Tour

This year we've volunteered to open our inn for the Mountain City Rotary Club Christmas House Tour (and do the PR, too). Today Tiger Lily slept under the tree (pictured) while Judy shot photos for the newspapers.

Tiger's Quote of the Day:

I have no idea HOW they thought all that m
ess was going to turn into a great looking room. I've been walking around it since Saturday....[meow]

Innkeeper's explanation:
Takes a lot of little stuff, carefully arranged, to make the place look great. Tiger, get back on your heat duct or in your box and chill while we put on the finishing touches! Here are the results (interim) since I can always find MORE to put on the tree (silver beads are not on yet).

Many of the houses on the tour this year will have theme trees. For myself, I like standing snowmen (for winter) and owls (all year). But no theme for our tree other than ornaments we have selected and loved through the years. Plus ornaments our friends have given us.

Crafts are important to us. Our party room at the inn will be used to display an assortment of locally-made crafts by a half dozen individuals. The items will be for sale with the suggestion that you support the artists AND find some nice gift items. Some members of the band Onefoot Onearth, will perform throughout the tour. Other houses will have cookies and beverages available.

Tour Details
This is a self-guided tour (done in any order you prefer) Saturday, Dec. 10, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. in and around Mountain City, TN. Free light breakfast 10 a.m. to noon at Tributary on Main (118 W. Main St.) with tour ticket. Log cabins, modern and new homes and two historic homes plus log cabin rentals and ShayBrey, the go-to store for Christmas florals, will be on tour.
Tickets: Buy online at the inn's reservation page (Christmas tour tab), at Tributary, 423-727-4150, ShayBrey and at the Welcome Center on Hwy. 421. Prospect Hill is handling the credit card sale of tickets. ( 423-727-0139. $12 in advance; $15 day of tour.
Benefits: The Rotary Club Scholarship Fund for high school seniors.
Heavy rain/snow date: Sunday, Dec. 11.

A note from Tiger:
I know things get hectic this time of year so I want to wish you a joyous season and also share with you what I consider to be the JOY of the season: photo below. Hope yours is just as fine a day!!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Seasonal Transformation and Other Changes

Hello, Stuck Up Cat Lovers! Tiger Lily checking in...

I have had a wonderful summer. The patio, the warm weather, my nest in the leaves near the back patio doors have been fabulous. Now fall is drawing to an end; some really wintry weather might turn up later this week. I'm prepared with a new perch (shown in the photo).

In light of seasonal weather changes, The Innkeepers decided it was finally time to (1) clean the gutters (simply made a mess out of my leaf nest!!!) (2) spray paint the wicker end tables in Rose/Romance Room 2. Pictures can tell the story, so here they are.

Step 1: Bring them downstairs and be sure they are clean
Step (2) - Get out the spray paint given to my by my decorating buddy, Susan..... months ago!!!
(3) Go outdoors when the wind is not blowing and the temperature is closer to 60
(4) Find something to sit the legs up on
(5) Find Goof Off and Mineral Spirits because the first of two cans of spray paint kept clogging
(6) Painted underside first and let a bit of the sage color show through
(7) Let dry a bit then turn upright, sit on cans or 2x4 scraps and paint the top side.
(8) Let dry thoroughly, or until the sun goes down and it is rather cool/cold. Bring indoors and put back into the guest room.
(9) Take photos.

I just read that RED is the hot designer color for the coming season. Well, here we are, ahead of the trend. The red is intended to pick up some read in the bedspread in Room 2/Rose Romance, not that anyone lets me (the cat) into a guest room!

The tables seem more cranberry than bright red. Nice.