Monday, November 7, 2011

Seasonal Transformation and Other Changes

Hello, Stuck Up Cat Lovers! Tiger Lily checking in...

I have had a wonderful summer. The patio, the warm weather, my nest in the leaves near the back patio doors have been fabulous. Now fall is drawing to an end; some really wintry weather might turn up later this week. I'm prepared with a new perch (shown in the photo).

In light of seasonal weather changes, The Innkeepers decided it was finally time to (1) clean the gutters (simply made a mess out of my leaf nest!!!) (2) spray paint the wicker end tables in Rose/Romance Room 2. Pictures can tell the story, so here they are.

Step 1: Bring them downstairs and be sure they are clean
Step (2) - Get out the spray paint given to my by my decorating buddy, Susan..... months ago!!!
(3) Go outdoors when the wind is not blowing and the temperature is closer to 60
(4) Find something to sit the legs up on
(5) Find Goof Off and Mineral Spirits because the first of two cans of spray paint kept clogging
(6) Painted underside first and let a bit of the sage color show through
(7) Let dry a bit then turn upright, sit on cans or 2x4 scraps and paint the top side.
(8) Let dry thoroughly, or until the sun goes down and it is rather cool/cold. Bring indoors and put back into the guest room.
(9) Take photos.

I just read that RED is the hot designer color for the coming season. Well, here we are, ahead of the trend. The red is intended to pick up some read in the bedspread in Room 2/Rose Romance, not that anyone lets me (the cat) into a guest room!

The tables seem more cranberry than bright red. Nice.

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