Tuesday, January 10, 2012

"Cougar" Romance at Prospect Hill

Winter has been a bit strange this year with snow off and on (mostly off) and odd spring-like days like today (nearly 60 degrees and sunny). I've had the opportunity to prowl the patio and enjoy the fresh mountain air.

Christmas is over and I've had to give up my perfectly wonderful resting area on the heat duct behind the Christmas tree. The Rotary Christmas tour was a success. (I slept through it). People were especially good about traveling this New Years; I found several real cat lovers among them. Now Martin Luther King holiday is fast approaching but people seem to be staying home. Could it be the lack of snow? Or could it be that they are saving their time for the Valentine's holiday ahead? If so, maybe I'll be seeing them at the inn next month!

Meanwhile, I must share this secret. I'm in love.....

Just about a year and a half ago a half grown classic tabby kitten showed up at the inn. They called him Michelin because of the tire stripe pattern down his back, rather than naming him Target since he has a bullseye on his side (per the classic patterns). I was not amused since I've been the ONLY cat since 2001. Call me a cougar, call me an old fool, but I'm beginning to like the youngster. Sure, I still take a swing at his head now and then. But let's face it, his food bowl tastes just as good as mine and on a sunny day like today I don't mind sharing the party room with him. (See photo).

Let me be clear. He's my first so he certainly is NOT going to get in any serious snuggling any time soon. I'm not that kind of girl.... I will leave that to the inn guests who are likely to enjoy it Linkduring February when the fireplaces glow, the candles on the whirlpool tub edges twinkle and the guest rooms feel all snug, safe and romantic. I think there will be a special treat for each guest staying at the inn, too.

One more thing: IF he wants to propose I'm up for it. He should check on the special packages the inn provides since I wouldn't mind finding the ring in a box of brownies (with tuna juice on the side, thank you very much!)

One more thing. Least you think I am not romantic.... there's photo proof I attend weddings. Just take a look at me as I leave the receiving line of Liz and Mike's wedding last summer. I am directly to the right of the sign. LINK

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