Saturday, July 7, 2012

Never as hot as where you are!!

While everywhere in the Southeast has been extra hot this spring and early summer, we are still cooler in Mountain city than where you are!
As a cat, you'd think I would get tired of lounging under the hosta leaves on the patio. Not so. It's great. Some days have had 40% humidity which makes even an 85-degree day quite lovely. We've also had rains (sometimes some windy storms) spaced out just enough to keep things growing beautifully. The innkeeper took this photo of the Wedding/Inn Garden as the morning fog starts to burn off.

Let me also add that I can't be responsible (what cat is???) for the crows and all that recent nastiness in the parking lot.  [Ed. note: the crows did NOT like Michelin, the young cat,  sitting under a tree near the parking lot, perhaps NEAR a baby crow. When we went under a car, all was good.]

From now until October there will be many interesting festivals in the High Country, many opportunities for hikes in the woods and many great nights' sleep in the inn's bed. but don't ask me! the innkeepers keep the room doors shut so I have to make do with sleeping next to the vacuum cleaner in the attic! Meow.

Now, for another relaxing nap.  I'm keeping an eye on you, Michelin!! (see photo of him on his back).

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